Modern school no longer education

What is education? What is school? Are they different?

Education differs from school now, but many people prefers the modern way of schooling to education. I know now you will be wondering what are the difference between these two terms. You might also say, this guy is crazy, what does he actually mean? He’s actually a weirdo but relax. Do you really think modern school teaches you anything?
There’s something you should know when we are talking about education because we often conclude that it’s all about college & University but its more than that, we have two types of education “Formal & Informal”.
The way the school system is designed is not actually education but their personal initiative which they force on us because they feel is right.

Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school –Albert Einstein

Today school is designed to lock our mind, cage our innovation and creativity, teaches us what to think instead of letting us show our creativity.

That’s why I say school teaches how to brilliant but not intelligent – Tek City

The school system make us feel we are idiot, stupid and useless. Why do they do all that? Just because we fail a particular exam that we may or will never use in our life again.

I won’t let an ordinary exam decides my future -Suli Breaks

Don’t quote me wrong I have never said or will ever say that school is useless or evil, in fact it’s important to some extent all am saying is get your mind and motives on the right track, don’t see school as a place where you go to learn only formula, equation and rules of some certain things which you never come across in life. If we asked 95% of the people in college, universities why they attend college they all tell you to get a good-life and get a good job, when asked again they will tell you is necessary to be successful. Why all this explanation? Society is to be blame that’s what they demand from them but funny enough after studying so hard they forget almost 90% of what they read. Why do they you forget? Was it that you never use it in their place of job or after college you never came across it again, if yes then why then do they let student fate to be decided by just an ordinary sheet of paper.

I suppose it’s because nearly all children go to school today and have things arranged for them, that they seems so forlornly unable to produce their own ideas” Agatha Christie this is the way of modern school.

I am beginning to suspect all elaborate and special system kind of education they seem to me to be built upon the supposition that every child is kind of and idiot who must be taught how to think. Anne Sullivan

Why should every children go to college and get a degree? Why should they? They all have different dreams. I believe that college should be restructure into different section. For instance a guy wanting to be a developer should not waste his time learning chemistry and some irrelevant subject all through college and writing theoretical exams instead 80% of is exam should be practical i.e. focusing in developing software’s that way he’s not thought how to think.

The aim of education should be to teach us how to think and not what to think. To improve our minds to encourage us to think for ourselves rather than to load the memory with thought of other men.

For this special system of education i love Germany and Finland. they have different kind of school for different kind of people with different kind of dream. A research oriented schools who focuses on developing your skills. The world needs to stop asking about certificate instead they should ask you, can you? What do you have to offer? Not based on report seen on a piece of paper.


Education is for a life time, school for few years. Sir Himmel